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the faces behind the paint brushes

We've known each other for about... maybe... 15 years now?  Gosh, maybe it's actually longer than that! 

We met playing rugby together and over the years have been by each others side ever since.

Steff lives in the Borders with her husband Gav, 3 daughters and crazy dog Loki and Dawn lives in the big city with her husband Ollie and their dog Bramble.  We try to see each other as much as is humanly possible (IE as much as our husbands will tolerate) and when we're not together we're most definitely texting each other GIFs and grand ideas for H&P.

Likes: Crochet, painting, tea, cake (who doesn't?), long walks and 90s pop

Dislikes: Smudged calligraphy, dipping our paint brushes in our tea (happens more often that you'd think) and unglazed ceramic

You will struggle to find 2 people more enthusiastic about life, each other and painting!  Whether it's creating custom artwork for your walls, birthday cards for the ones you love or the stationery of your dreams for your special event we bring our own unique energy to bring the project to life. 

We're having the time of our lives with Hope & Potter! Long may it continue. 

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